Robot That Can Assemble IKEA Furniture, Sort Of - Jaime Bonetti

The Marriage-Saving Robot That Can Assemble IKEA Furniture, Sort Of

Article Published by: Ikea’s furniture-assembly instructions aren’t for everyone, although they’re meant to be. No mistranslated languages are involved, only a happy bubble person proceeding through a series of black-and-white pictograms—nonverbal Esperanto for amateur carpenters. Never mind monkeys; a robot should be able to follow...

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Self-Driving Cars Are Here: Rules of the Road - Jaime Bonetti Ze

Self-Driving Cars Are Here, But The Feds Still Haven’t Decided The Rules Of The Road

Article Published by: forbes Innovation loathes regulation. Nowhere is that more evident than in the race to deploy self-driving cars. So far Trumpworld is obliging. In keeping with the administration’s deregulatory binge, the U.S. Department of Transportation has set forth “a nonregulatory approach to automated vehicle technology safety.” Transportation...

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Glowing Plants and Trees To Replace Streetlights - Jaime Bonetti

MIT Just Created Living Plants That Glow Like A Lamp, And Could Grow Glowing Trees To Replace Streetlights

Article Published by: Roads of the future could be lit by glowing plants and trees instead of street lamps, thanks to a breakthrough in creating bioluminescent plants. Experts injected specialized nanoparticles into the leaves of a watercress plant, which caused it to give off a dim...

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