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Dominican designs a machine to reforest

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Concerned about the environment, Don Antonio Ramírez has designed a robotic machine that has the ability to plant trees in desert areas and it can be managed remotely through remote control or via satellite, without the need for a human being to operate it.“This machine has four essential functions: it drills the ground, makes a hole and fills it with semi-liquid soil and sows seedlings in the hollow; it has autonomy,” said Don Antonio.He added that the machine is designed to work in desert areas and for the reforestation of the planet. He says he has the ability to plant between 240 and 288 trees in 24 hours without interruption because it works with its own energy: wind and solar.

“10,000 of these machines working for 24 hours in 365 days, can plant up to 500 million trees in a year. What is required – human will; that governments and people know that the planet is under stress due to the effects of climate change, global warming,” said Don Antonio Ramírez during a visit to Diario Libre.
He said that we must raise awareness and know that we must reforest the planet. “It is necessary to restore the vegetation on the planet. This falls into a project called Vision Green Layer. That is the mission to reforest the planet in the desert areas of the world.”

He said that in the world there is technology to reforest the planet. “The human being has advanced so much in technology that all that is needed is the will to take this seriously.”

For Don Antonio Ramírez, his greatest satisfaction would be that some investors would be interested in it and be able to start building and mass-producing it so other people could replicate this robot and use it to reforest the planet. “With this, I do not look for money, but that someone is interested in it and that it can be built. I deliver this in total with papers because my greatest satisfaction would be that it be used to reforest the planet.”

Don Antonio Ramírez shows part of his project “Green Capa Mission” to the journalist of Diario Libre. ( PHOTO: DIARIO LIBRE / JUAN MIGUEL PEÑA )

Don Antonio, who is a publicist, warned that global warming is partly natural, but elsewhere has been aggravated and accelerated by humankind’s manipulation and devastation of nature.

This man who has a capacity to create and write, also, has a hydrological management plan, which envisions that the water of the rivers is not lost to the sea, but instead is used for the different human and economic activities.

“If the competent authorities listen to what I am suggesting, what this project encompasses we would solve the water problem to a large extent. As it now stands, all the water is lost. It goes to the sea and with this project, we can solve that problem,” said the writer.

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