New York State may lower hunting age - Jaime Bonetti Zeller

New York State may lower hunting age

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The new bill would lower New York’s legal hunting age from 14 to 12.

A new bill that passed the State Senate Monday would lower New York’s legal hunting age from 14-years-old to 12.

Supporters say it lets families start passing down long-time traditions and skills earlier, though some are concerned 12 is too young.

Gun rights advocates say it’s not.

Budd Schroeder, Chairman Emeritus of SCOPE says, “Children should be taught gun safety as early as possible. And it should be up to the parent rather than the government to determine whether they are mature enough to do that.”

Schroeder says anyone in New York State who gets a license is required to take a thorough course in gun safety and hunting practices, and pass a test.

Further, minors in New York are required to hunt with an adult.

There is no word so far on if or when this legislation will get a vote in the assembly.

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