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Outdoor Channel: Tactics for Developing Your Craft

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Regardless of your level of outdoor expertise, we are all students of the great outdoors and there is always something to learn. This week on The Revolution we’ll explore the skills every outdoorsman, woman, hunter and fisherman should know.

Tune in as Chuck Belmore from The Habit TV discusses archery skills, Tim MacWelch dives into survival techniques and Jill Gechter with CINCH outfits us with the right apparel for Spring. Don’t go anywhere though, because Terry Schappert will join us for a special interview to talk about the exciting new season of the Outdoor Channel original series Hollywood Weapons. Develop your craft with us this week on The Revolution that’s presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Hollywood Weapons is an Outdoor Channel original series with a mission, to recreate iconic television and movie weapon sequences and see if they are actually possible. In Season 1, hosts Terry Schappert and Larry Zanoff took on scenes from Die Hard, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, JAWS and many more, comparing those scenes to real-life tests of the firearm or weapon used in the making of the film or television show. Hollywood Weapons is now back with Season 2 on Outdoor Channel and Terry Schappert joins The Revolution this week with a look at some of the iconic shows and characters they will be spotlighting like James Bond, Raylan Givens of Justified, Quigley Down Under and more. Terry tells Jim and Trav that their goal isn’t to disprove iconic scenes, but rather to celebrate the shows by having fun with and seeing if they can recreate, with success, the same scenarios. Terry admits that getting an opportunity to use the vintage firearms and weapons that he does is a lot of fun, however, what he really enjoys is playing the different characters from each episode. Tune in as he talks about how the realism and technical aspects of weapons scenes have really improved in the last several years and what that is attributed to. He’ll also discuss safely and responsibly portraying these selected scenes, breaking down firearm stereotypes and so much more. Check out Season 2 of Hollywood Weapons with new episodes every Saturday at 7:30 pm ET.

Check Belmore is an outdoor ace – a hunter, a fisherman and an accomplished bowfisherman. Over time, his lifestyle of working, hunting and bowfishing became a habit and therein was the inspiration for the show he now co-hosts called The Habit TV on Sportsman Channel. Tune in to The Revolution this week as Chuck joins the boys to talk all things archery. Bowfishing is a challenge and has all the elements of hunting, but with fish being the target. Chuck is a former World Bowfishing Champion and says that learning to compensate for refraction is important if you want to put any fish in the boat. Because of refraction, fish aren’t actually where they appear to be, so as a rule of thumb, Chuck says to always aim low. Chuck will then dive into archery hunting and how the advancements in gear, especially broadheads, have made archers more lethal. Stay tuned as he discusses ideal shooting distance, the benefits of practicing at longer ranges and knowing where your comfort zone is before you ever sling an arrow.

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